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How A Mountain Was Made by Greg Sarris

Word for Word Performing Arts Company offers a special treat, with a reading of “Waterbug Walks Away with Copeland Creek” and “How Tom Smith Caused the 1906 Earthquake” from How a Mountain Was Made, Miwok Indian Stories for Children by Greg Sarris. With vibrant characters, exuberant dancing, and stunning masks, Word for Word brings Native writer and tribal leader Greg Sarris’ stories to life on stage for audiences of all ages.

Directed by Nancy Shelby

Saturday June 4, 2016 at 10 am

The Marsh
2120 Allston Way, Berkeley
Part of the Bay Area Book Festival
Free to the Public

WORD FOR WORD's 2016 OFF THE PAGE SERIES is made possible with the generous support of Daniel Handler and Lisa Brown as well as individual donors.

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Babylon Is Burning

created by: Campo Santo and Felonious
lead writer: Star Finch
musical direction: Tommy James Shepherd Jr., Dan Wolf
choreography: Rashad Pridgen
live & original music: Juan Wonway Posibul Amador, Candice Antique Davis, Felonious,
Soul Nubian
design: Alejandro Acosta, Courtney Flores, Joan Osato, Ashley Smiley

Created with and featuring:
Juan Wonway Posibul Amador, Delina Patrice Brooks, Candice Antique Davis, Britney Frazier, Keith Pinto, Rashad Pridgen, Tommy Shepherd, Tassiana Willis, Dan Wolf
Produced by Circuit Network
in association with Felonious, Campo Santo, & Ictus with Intersection for the Arts

Babylon is Burning is made possible in part with the support of the National Endowment for the Arts, the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, San Francisco Arts Commission Cultural Equity Grants program, Theatre Bay Area's CA$H grant program, and the Zellerbach Family Foundation

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Backstage Pass(over)

Backstage Pass(over) is a musical and theatrical performance that tells the story of four musicians -- one wise, one wicked, one simple and one who can't ask -- six minutes before they hit the stage for the biggest, and maybe last, show of their of their creative lives. Together they remix the Passover narrative, stretching and filtering its symbols and themes through soul music, rap, beatbox, live vocal looping and sound collage, to ponder the relationship between personal freedom and collective obligation.

Backstage Pass(over) was inspired by the Arab, Israeli and Ethiopian characters in the portraits of Kehinde Wiley’s The World Stage: Israel and filters those images through the prism of the Four Sons narrative from the Passover Haggadah. It was originally produced for The Contemporary Jewish Museum’s Out of Order Seder 2013.

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Chasing Mesherle by Chinaka Hodge

From acclaimed theatre company Campo Santo and The Living Word Project comes the world premiere of Chinaka Hodge’s Chasing Mehserle.

Chasing Mehserle begins where Chinaka Hodge's first critically acclaimed play, Mirrors in Every Corner left off. All of the characters of a Black/multi-racial family in Oakland return in the second installment to consider the infamous murder of East Oakland resident Oscar Grant. As a way of investigating communal response to the death of Oscar Grant, the playwright examines race, class, gender, and privilege through the lens of main character, Watts, a young man who has been agoraphobic since seeing the Rodney King beatings as a child. He makes a New Year’s resolution to finally leave the house on January 1, 2009, the same day Oscar Grant is murdered by transit officer Johannes Mehserle.

“...Dan Wolf is priceless as Lyle, a well-meaning white activist trying to “kill white privilege” by imposing himself on Watts as his unwanted assistant.” - Sam Hurwitt, KQED Arts

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Stateless is a labyrinth of hip hop performance, live music, theater, vaudeville shtick, history and re-mixed folk songs. It is a show about performance and performers, brothers and friends, the past and the present, and seeks to connect these contemporary performers to renowned 1920's German-Jewish vaudeville troupe, The Gebrüder Wolf.


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Anansi the Spider

Anansi The Spider is a hip-hop musical for young audiences (ages 5-11) inspired by the African folklore of the same name. Ana loves stories and, when she playacts them with her friends, she wants the other kids to follow the stories just the way they’re written. But, when Ana gets caught up in the legend of Anasi the tricky spider, she discovers that sometimes you have to write your own story. Join her for a journey through a world of magic and mystery that is accompanied by music, beatboxing and rhymes.



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Block by Block

Block by Block incorporated dance, mixed-media, live music - mixing beatboxing, spoken word movement, battles and more, along with projected visuals created creating an incredibly rich tapestry of performance!

As part of the 2011 inaugural de Young Artists Fellowship audiences were taken on a journey, quite literally, through the de Young Museum as they followed performances from the many artists, dancers, and collaborators into the Koret Auditorium for the main piece, Block by Block. The performances utilized the immediacy of the space and allowed the surroundings to help inspire and inform the movement of the dancers and the collective of participating artists and performers. The piece allowed the artists to interact with audiences in a new way and invite them into the process, the landscape, the world that is being created through the performance. This work brought together a diverse mix of artists, all working in the evolving aesthetics of theater, that deftly combines live music and movement into theater texts.

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Angry Black White Boy

Angry Black White Boy is based on Adam Mansbach's ruthlessly funny and scathing satire about the complexities of race and identity in America. This theatrical 're-mix' for the stage incorporates text adapted and melded with original source material, freestyle and verse rap, live Hip Hop music, ballet and Hip Hop dance. Created with a hybridized style and approach, Angry Black White Boy combines theatrical storytelling with powerful, innovative and contemporary Hip Hop styles.

Angry Black White Boy premiered in October 2008 at Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco and ran for 12 sold-out weeks. It was named Top Ten Best Theater in both the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner.

This exciting project is a mixture of history, mystery, music and theatrical mythmaking. By accessing and embracing Hip Hop elements and forms - verse, rap, dance, beatboxing and music - Angry Black White Boy offers new inroads into expressing and exposing issues of race, propriety, and legacy.


Angry Black White Boy

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Felonious is a critically acclaimed live hip hop collective and theater company. Since 1998 Felonious has been a force in the Bay Area theater and music scene – often creating series, projects and productions that merge the two mediums. From the six-piece live hip hop band to award winning theater productions this collective of rappers, actors, beat boxers, musicians, dancers and writers are "known to turn Hip Hop shows into ass-shaking Musical Theater”.


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