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Back To The Source Teacher Training

Every summer a group of teachers come to American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco to plunge into the art of acting and dramatic collaboration. Through a series of movement, voice, and devised theater workshops the teacher becomes the student by taking creative risks. Together we re-ignite a passion for expression that leads them to bring to new insight into their classroom practice.

My role is the director of the devised theater project that is at the core of their experience. We go from blank page to sharing performance in five days and along the way uncover new skills that enable us to listen, trust, communicate, and collaborate with our fellow teachers, our students, and ourselves.

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Back to the Source 2015
Here are some of the exercises we worked on together. Feel free to download and use with your students. I would love to hear how you use, adapt and improve upon these 'plays' - they are meant to be flexible and speak to basic rhythm and rhyme skills building as well as concepts such as listening, impulses, action and reaction.

Story Of Your Name
Freestyle Juggling
Song Lyrics

Here are the links to the Brian Mooney and Kendrick Lamar articles and videos.

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Anna Deavere Smith Notes From The Field: The California Chapter

As part of Anna Deavere Smith’s new piece Notes from the Field: Doing Time in Education – the California Chapter I was one of 20+ facilitators who led nightly discussions culled from the ideas in the play. The conversation - considered Act Two - was designed to bring the Berkeley Repertory Theatre audience further into the topic of the school to prison pipeline. Created by Youth Speaks, in collaboration with ADS Pipeline, the 25-minute writing workshop challenged the audience to confront themselves about their connection to the complex issues of race and incarceration, and commit to a small or large action that will lead us all towards a changed future.

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Oakland Tales with Word for Word

Working with Bay Area theater company Word for Word and Awele Makebe to present Oakland Tales: Secrets of the Town a play featuring students from Oakland's Skyline High School. A coming of age story set in East and West Oakland, the play is a staging of selected chapters from a book written by local author Summer Brenner.

Word for Word is a Bay Area based performing arts company that stages novels and short stories "word for word".

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Created Language Project

American Conservatory Theater first year M.F.A students explore their natural rhythms and cadences as they embark on their educational journey. The Created Language Project uses rhythm and rhyme to connect the students to their authentic voice before they begin to explore outside voices and dramatic texts.

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