Chasing Mesherle by Chinaka Hodge

Chasing Mesherle by Chinaka Hodge

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From acclaimed theatre company Campo Santo and The Living Word Project comes the world premiere of Chinaka Hodge’s Chasing Mehserle.

Chasing Mehserle begins where Chinaka Hodge's first critically acclaimed play, Mirrors in Every Corner left off. All of the characters of a Black/multi-racial family in Oakland return in the second installment to consider the infamous murder of East Oakland resident Oscar Grant. As a way of investigating communal response to the death of Oscar Grant, the playwright examines race, class, gender, and privilege through the lens of main character, Watts, a young man who has been agoraphobic since seeing the Rodney King beatings as a child. He makes a New Year’s resolution to finally leave the house on January 1, 2009, the same day Oscar Grant is murdered by transit officer Johannes Mehserle.

“...Dan Wolf is priceless as Lyle, a well-meaning white activist trying to “kill white privilege” by imposing himself on Watts as his unwanted assistant.” - Sam Hurwitt, KQED Arts

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