Connecting People through Creativity

“Take a piece of the world. Take a piece of yourself, and make something new”

What I do

I use music, theater, and story to activate expression and collaboration in a variety of settings such as teacher trainings, team building exercises, professional development sessions, ensembles, and one-on-one coaching.

I will come into your classroom, boardroom, theater, cubicle, or office to empower individuals to trust, listen, and communicate with their colleagues and their communities. I facilitate dialogue and foster self-expression as a means to unlocking your true potential to make positive change in the workplace and in the world.

I will create a unique experience for your team based on your goals, budget, and desired outcomes.

Who’s this for?

My work is for teachers, students, artists, leaders, organizations, and businesses seeking to uncover their authentic voice. I use storytelling as a creative approach to understanding the world and our place in it. I ask people to participate through the truth of personal experience. By using personal narrative we uncover universal truths that connect us and reveal our differences and similarities.

Where can this happen?

I see the classroom, boardroom, theater, cubicle and office building as sacred spaces where participation, trust, listening, and self-expression can foster new ways of creative collaboration amongst colleagues, artists, and audiences.

My Approach – A process of discovery and inclusion, connecting experience through story and dialogue.

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