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I wear many hats: performer, writer, director, and educator.

My performance work crosses artistic and cultural borders to combine conventional theater styles with the themes, language, music, history and aesthetics of the Hip-Hop generation. I am a founding member of the critically acclaimed Hip Hop music and theater collective Felonious. My play Angry Black White Boy was named Top Ten Best Theater Plays by the San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner in 2008. My play Beatbox: A Raparetta (co-written with Tommy Shepherd) is published by TCG in the Hip Hop Theater anthology Plays from the Boom Box Galaxy. My play Stateless has been produced in San Francisco, Hamburg, Berlin, and New York.

I am the Artistic Director of Sound in the Silence, an international, interdisciplinary performance project for high school students that centers on historical education. Through the education of and visits to charged locations throughout the world, students are introduced to each other’s culture, history, and identity. The students collaborate with performing artists to develop a creative response to their emotions and ultimately present a final performance that expresses how the location has shifted their connection to and understanding of their place in history.

As a director and educator I work with Felonious, American Conservatory Theater, Youth Speaks, Berkeley Repertory School of Theater, SmartDesign, and Killing My Lobster.

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